As with most brilliant ideas, the Tuggs solution started with a problem. The problem arose when future Tuggs founders, travelling to resorts, had towels that would always slide down or blow off their lounge and/or beach chairs. One of the founders decided to take a shot at a solution. He constructed a rough prototype made of two potato chip bag clips and a heavy duty elastic band. Even though it
was in its infant stage, other founders saw the potential and a development team was formed. After countless modifications and testing sessions, the “Duckbill,” which is a trademarked springless clip, was perfected and implemented into the final product. The new design of the “Duckbill” clip also created more branding real estate for companies looking to promote their businesses. With companies like cruise lines and resorts potentially ordering the product in large quantities, it was decided that the Tuggs product would need to be produced on a large scale. Today’s Tuggs product offers unmatched quality and durability along with vivid branding opportunities for its clients.

About Tuggs

Tuggs is a sub-company of Eclips Global 2015 and is a revolutionary, specialty promotional product that serves the Cruise Line and Beach Resort markets. Tuggs is essentially a towel clip that secures towels on lounge or beach chairs to prevent the towels from sliding down or blowing away in the wind. Tuggs ultimately provides both a unique and useful promotional item to its Cruise Line or Beach Resort customers along with great branding real estate that promotes their customers’ respective brands.